Benefits of Partnering With TalentWell

iStock_000085482921_SmallQuarterly Updates and Insights Into Your Industry

TalentWell provides our clients with a pulse of the market and insight into trends within their industries. We conduct a quarterly labor market analysis to evaluate the supply of talent, compensation requirements, and market complexities. This insight enables us to develop a customized sourcing strategy to access the top talent in your industry.

We Help You Go Beyond The Job Posting

TalentWell maintains a network of passive job seekers which extends the reach of your potential candidate pool to include what is often the most desirable talent; those who are currently working and not actively seeking other opportunities. We have established networks of individuals who can’t be found through social networking or traditional job postings.

Get Qualified Candidates NOT Applicants

Every candidate we submit has undergone a thorough screening process that includes in-depth behavioral interviews, skills testing, and 360 degree reference checks. Through our standardized recruiting process, we are able to identify the top two candidates per opportunity, giving us an average interview-to-hire ratio above 55%, and successful placement ratio of 92%.

Reduce The Amount Of Your Time Spent On Hiring

The identification and on-boarding process can be very time consuming and costly for internal companies. The typical recruiting process includes sourcing & interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks, negotiating the terms of the agreement, and completing screening requirements. TalentWell takes care of every step, saving our clients hours of time and associated cost.”

Increase Your Company’s Flexibility

Partnering with TalentWell allows our clients to make workforce changes quickly, depending on their operational needs. You can increase and decrease headcount quickly without the red tape that can be a barrier when hiring or releasing permanent employees. Clients can also evaluate the performance of a TalentWell Consultant over an extended period of time prior to bringing them on permanently. This ensures the consultant is competent at their job and a good fit for the company culture. When reducing workforce, TalentWell pays all unemployment cost and the clients exposure to legal repercussions is drastically reduced.