How It Works

The TalentWell Three Step Process


Qualify Your Needs – Submit a request for consultants and a recruiter specializing in your industry will follow up within an hour to discuss your needs and answer any questions. Our recruiters specialize in your industry, so they have the inside track on industry specific terminology, regulations, and requirements for qualified candidates. Additionally, our recruiters provide insight into market trends and competitor analysis which gives our clients the edge in the competition to attract and retain top talent. Our recruiters develop a customized recruiting strategy through evaluation of your business objectives, company culture, and performance expectations.




Select Consultants – We tap into our network of consultants to identify individuals that exhibit the qualifications necessary to be successful in your organization. TalentWell guarantees that our consultants meet the requirements outlined by the hiring manager during our qualification process and that all consultants demonstrated good tenure with previous positions. We also provide references from their previous managers. As an additional layer of screening, we conduct aptitude, behavioral, and social/emotional evaluations on our consultants to further determine likelihood of success within your organization. Upon selection, all of our consultants complete thorough client specific screening including background checks, educational verification, and drug screening.  




Monitor Performance – TalentWell maintains consistent communication with our onsite consultants and their managers to ensure that our onsite team is meeting client expectations. Consultant performance is tracked through quarterly employee performance evaluations, client business reviews, and labor market analysis to determine market trends. This ensures that we have a pulse on our team’s performance and that our clients stay ahead of the changes to their industry’s landscape.