Benefits of Working With TalentWell

Benefits of Working With TalentWellThere are many benefits to partnering with TalentWell in your job search.

Your TalentWell Recruiter is Your Personal Agent

Recruiters act as a candidate’s agent, identifying opportunities and negotiating with companies to ensure he or she gets a competitive offer. Each of our recruiters specialize in a specific industry and can access unique opportunities found nowhere else. Our recruiters’ numerous industry contacts give you multiple opportunities to find the right position. We give each candidate our complete attention and support.

We are Your Industry Resource

Partnership with TalentWell is continuous and does not end at the date of hire. Our recruiting team will continue to support you in your current position, helping you keep a pulse on the market and advancing your skill sets. Our recruiters conduct labor market analysis with each consultant on an annual basis to evaluate their pay in relation to the market and performance. Additionally, our recruiters’ large number of industry contacts allow them to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We Help With Time Management

Your assigned recruiter at TalentWell takes most of the headache and time consuming activities associated with finding a job off your plate. Your recruiter has a personal relationship with the hiring manager, allowing you to be in a smaller pool of candidates and not just be another face in the crowd. We typically receive feedback on positions within 48 hours, so you won’t be waiting weeks or even months to hear back on the next step of the process. This ensures an expedited process for you to find the best opportunity.

TalentWell Helps Improve Skills

Our recruiters can help you prepare for potential opportunities. They will work with you to create a stand out resume, construct a customized interview strategy, and coach you on how to land the opportunity you want.

Confidentiality is Key

Often the biggest limiting factor in finding a new opportunity is the fear of jeopardizing current employment. TalentWell has a standardized confidentiality process to ensure 100% confidentiality for candidates during the recruitment process.

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